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Newsletter - Tuesday 9 May 2006
Published by Balmain Rovers, part of the Balmain & District Soccer Club.
CDSFA Div 8 Rd 5

Balmain Rovers v Strathfield: Callan Park, Rozelle: Sat 6 May 2006

Match report by Dan Higson

I'm very happy to have the honour of reporting on our FIRST WIN OF THE SEASON!!! Hurrah!!! Too long in coming but oh-so sweet...

Against a skillful, sprightly team of youngsters (with an average age of about 14!) the Balmain Rovers finally found form this week and put a deserved win under their belt. Before the game started, one of our opponents cheerfully pointed out to Dave Hanna - "Hey, you guys don't have Paddy anymore?!" To which Dave replied threateningly - "No but we've got someone much better!!!" Truth is, he was talking about himself...

Last year, in the first round we thrashed these young lads 4-0 (or something) thanks to 2 goals from Paddy. But this time round it was Dave who took it to them. The first half started off at a frantic pace. Balmain players were taken by surprise, out of position and with no form until finally things settled down thanks to Barry and Akin slowing the pace down and gaining control of the game. 15-mins in and Balmain get a throw-in deep in Strathfield's half. A backwards flick header across their goal mouth, a bit of a scramble and then who should be standing there for the opportunity of his life - Dave 'Top Corner' Hanna, who chipped the ball beautifully into the top right corner of their net and The Rovers were up 1-0. Balmain hung on to this lead for the rest of the half with Justan making some blinding runs up the left flank, Matt tirelessly pushing himself in every tackle, pass and shot, Serdar making a fine job of sweeping and Allan even got a nice shot off.

Finally the boys came off for half time, feeling pumped. A few changes and they were off again. Amir made another of his superb diving saves right across the goal saving a sure-fire goal. Every Balmain player stepped up and finally all the effort paid off as Paul slammed in a perfect second goal from the edge of Strathfield's penalty area to put the Rovers 2-0 up. Sadly Strathfield managed to pulled one back and scored a goal soon after putting some wind in their sails and Balmain were forced to defend their lead right up to the final whistle. A good all round effort from everyone and some fine moments of football but most importantly, A WIN!!!!

Full time score Rovers 2 - Strathfield 1

Goals: Akin, Paul
Pele Points: 1 each to Justan, Matt, Amir, Dave, Allan, Serdar

Award Standings
Pele Medal

9 --- Amir
3 --- Barry, Justan, Paul
2 --- Allan, Jason, Ricky
1 --- Akin, Dave, Gavin, Ismet, Matt, Serdar

Golden Boot

3 ---- Paul
1 ---- Akin, Dave, Ismet

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Rovers v TBA, Sat 13 May

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