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Newsletter - Tuesday 1 October 2002 beerbeer

This newsletter is published by Balmain Rovers,
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Match Report 1
Grand Final
Balmain Rovers 4A Reserves v Enfield
Blair Park, Croydon
Sat 7 September 2002
Kick-off 12.30pm
No Match Report

Result: Enfield 4 defeated Balmain Rovers 3

Goalscorers: Fergal Murphy, Darren Lynn, Darren Taylor

The Pele points go to:

3 - Jared Carter - after a horror start, lifted the team with his work-rate and confidence, despite being hacked about
2 - Fergal Murphy - forced the opposition into defence time and again
1 - Michael Arthur - pulled off some top saves that kept Rovers in it


The Annandale Hotel

17-19 Parramatta Rd, Annandale
Ph 9550 1078

Ah, the Annandale Hotel. You want live music? Here 'tis. There's also the Locals Club going bananas with giveaways, are classic tacky movies from The Sounds of Sinema, a trivia comp on Tuesdays and, all in all, it's the best pub atmosphere to be found in Sydney. Check out the new Thaina Box where the Nosh Pit used to be. For a full rundown of weekly activities at the Annandale, click on the image below -


Match Report 2
Elimination Final
Balmain Rovers 3B Reserves v Marrickville A
Beaman Park, Earlwood
Sat 24 August 2002
Kickoff 12.30pm
Report by John Barker

With our salary caps in order we were still in championship contention as we jogged confidently onto Earlwood's Beaman Park for our elimination final against Marrickville's immacuately attired Red Devils. The sun was shining (again) after a non-washout season, the field was flat and cricket-pitchless and Rob didn't get lost. Promising signs indeed.

Our inspirational, and occasionally volatile captain, Ally had primed us with a pre-game pep talk recommending, somewhat ironically ... but with passion, that we remain calm and just play to our strengths.

And so we did.

Sure, some of our strengths were unavailable, unable to take the pitch but having contributed to Rovers' presence in the finals. But they were there in spirit. Jon "still waiting by the mailbox for his medal" Drea had long been poached by English First Division and Pier "whose boots were made for walking" D'Angelo was waylaid soaking up some Mediterranean rays. Joey "the bookmaker" Nicotra was still waiting by his mailbox for his new card to arrive, Nick "does anyone want to meet some girls" Agafonoff was off learning the banjo with some suspect pig-shooters and Sergio Fiorenza was MIA. A crutch wielding Matt "ooo, that must have hurt" Linton was cheering from the sidelines.

But with our season's interchange system (implemented due to weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, trips to the Orient and the snowfields, injuries and hangovers) in full swing we were still able to field a well balanced, nay formidable, side.

While both teams were in an attacking frame of mind the defences proved equal to the task with the solid backline of Donny, Ricky, Bruce and Brian depriving the opposition of scoring opportunities and sweeper Mikee mopping up anything that did get through. Their defence was also getting first touch when the ball went forward. But after 25 minutes of the to-and-froing from one end of the field to the next Marrickville opened up the proceedings with a well struck kick to the left of the net that put them ahead 1-0.

As he's done so many times this year Ben retaliated in the best way possible winding his way up the right wing before crossing to the Mackie truck who nailed one in the back of the net. Soon after a superb strike by Rob sheared off the opposition's crossbar. 1-1 at half-time and the game was wide open.

Ally's half-time advice proved pertinent - keep a tight rein on their nippy No. 12 who could weave his way out of a macrame workshop. Twice he got through before Mikee, in a last ditch attempt to take the ball from him in the box, took out his ankles instead. A penalty ensued. And we were down 2-1.

While we continued to penetrate their defence they had a sniff of victory and beat us to the ball when it counted. Not that we played badly but in the end they got the breaks when it counted.

After a cracker season everyone deserves a Pele point for effort but on the day ....

The Pele points go to:

3 Bruce Fackerell - used his head both physically and intuitively
2 Ben Jones - sliced and diced the opposition's midfield
1 Donny Nicholas - returned to the field after an injury and went up a gear


Match Report 3
Elimination Final
Balmain Rovers 3B v Concord
Beaman Park, Earlwood
Sat 24 August 2002
Kickoff 2.30pm
No Match Report

Result: Concord 3 defeated balmain Rovers 2

Goalscorers: Paul Edwards, Glenn Bacic

The Pele points go to:

3 - Paul Edwards - Captain Courageous once again gave it everything
2 - Paul McDonnell - capped a fine season with some strong defence
1 - Ben Jones - injected some dash in the second half


Award Standings - Final

Pele Medal

23 - Ben Jones
19 - Paul Edwards
17 - Paul McDonnell
14.5 Jared Carter
14 - James Mackie
12 - David Hynd, Rob Liney, Fergal Murphy, Ricky Onsman
10.5 - Kelly Baigent, Phil Davis
10 - Mark Bamford, Pier D'Angelo, Alister Haining
9.5 - John Pereira
9 - Michael Sommers
8.5 - Adam Brzozowski, Richard Lyne, Darren Lynn
8 - Darren Taylor
7.5 - Michael Arthur
7 - Ammon Mackie, Patrick Nolan
6 - Craig Brown, Dean Da Silva, Nik Hopkins, Kon Tsalikis
5.5 - Neil O'Donnell
5 - Bruce Fackerell, Andy Farmery, Joey Nicotra, Michael Ward
4 - Nick Agafonoff, John Barker, Donny Nicholas
3.5 - Michael Badman
3 - Jon Drea, Brian Yeung
2.5 - Sohail Dahdal
2 - Matt Clementson, Matt Linton, Paul Millard
1 - Glenn Bacic, Martin Hofman
.5 - Adam Freeman

Golden Boot

32 - Rob Liney
23 - Darren Lynn
19 - Fergal Murphy
17 - Ben Jones, James Mackie
11 - Paul Edwards
9 - Dean Da Silva, Alister Haining, Darren Taylor
8 - Jared Carter
7 - Ammon Mackie
6 - Nick Agafonoff, Paul Millard, Patrick Nolan
5 - Sohail Dahdal
3 - Michael Badman, Mark Bamford, Adam Brzozowski, Pier D'Angelo, Martin Hofman, Kon Tsalikis
2 - David Hynd, Sergio Fiorenza, Joey Nicotra
1 - Glenn Bacic, Phil Davis, Andy Farmery, Adam Freeman, Nik Hopkins, Michael Sommers, Brian Yeung



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