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New Players: Season 2010:

Balmain Rovers is not actively recruiting players at this stage. If you are a player looking to join a team in the Balmain area, we suggest you try the following:

Balmain Rovers play football in the Canterbury District Soccer Football Association in Sydney, NSW, Australia. We're part of the Balmain & District Football Club. This website is really for the players of Balmain Rovers (some of whom have retired and/or relocated to distant shores), but feel free to have a look around.

If you're still here, you'll find you can use the links in the left sidebar to check out our recent Results, upcoming Fixtures, Newsletters with match reports going back to 1998 (the year the foundation team was formed), Venues we use, the Gallery (which reveals us in all our glory - FOOTBALL glory, you understand), Pele Medal standings (Rovers' peer-nominated best & fairest award) and Golden Boot standings (the highly coveted top scorer's award).

Links have been selected to indulge the sporting appetites of the average Australian sports nut and there is a constantly updated supply of World Soccer News (click on a story for more detail).

NB: the round ball game is now called football in Australia. Previously it was known as soccer (derived from the English term Association Football) to distinguish it from other types of football popular here including Rugby League, Rugby Union and Australian Rules Football.

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